Gateway to University Honors is a course that introduces incoming honors students at UC to everything in the honors program. This course showed me what was needed to stay in the program and how I can maximize my growth and learning during my time in college. The part I enjoyed most about the class was the diversity of students; I heard so many interesting stories and met so many aspiring academics.

Throughout this semester, I have gained an understanding of the reflection process and how important it is to growth. Also, by created a learning portfolio (this site, which branched out into a more comprehensive look on my college career) I got a chance to organize and display my learning, have a medium for reflection, and apply the concepts of experiential learning to individual interests.

A Reflection on Personal Passions

I take some time to explore and reflect upon something I am passionate about. I evaluate what this passion is, what I have done to support this passion, and what I will do in the future to fulfill this passion. This is to help me visualize and put into perspective what I hope to accomplish during my time at UC.
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Mock Honors Experiential Learning Proposal

In order to get a better understanding of the self-designed honors experience system, we were required to write a mock proposal. I wrote mine on a long time project that I have wanted to start, which is designing a website that responds to user input and stores data. I plan to tweak this proposal and eventually submit it for review as an actual honors experience in the future.
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